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What is SHPACK?

SHPACK is the ultimate PHOTO SHARING app that AUTOMATICALLY shares photos taken by SHPACKERS, in a private journey, amongst themselves.
Just create a journey, invite your friends and take photos as you would do in any of your journeys. When taken, all the photos are INSTANTLY and AUTOMATICALLY shared in your private journey, with you and your friends on your same journey, without any user interaction.
Remember, just the photos you take with your smartphone camera ( no screenshots, whatsapp photos, ...) will be shared.
Welcome to SHPACK

How it works

Start a journey and invite  your friends

Create a journey with all the friends you want to share your photos with. Unlock the journey and let SHPACK do the rest.

Take photos as in any other  journey

Only the photos you take with your phone camera app will be shared - no screenshots, whatsapp photos,... - in your ongoing journey.

All the photos instantly shared

All the photos taken - by you and the Shpackers on your journey - instantly shared and organized on SHPACK.

SHPACK Features:


 Feel the FREEDOM: Get all the photos automatically.


Download FULL QUALITY photos from any of your SHPACK journeys (On-going or Past Journeys).


All the photos taken by the SHPACKERS, on the same journey with you, will ONLY be shared amongst themselves.


Your whole journey chronologically organized. Get all the photos and see who's taken them.


SAVE on your data . Your photos, shared when you connect to a WI-FI network.


SAVE space on your smartphone and still get all the photos of your trip.


A photo you don't want to share? Just PAUSE the journey and they won't be shared. Remember to RESUME the journey afterwards.


You CONTROL your photos. Every SHPACKER can only delete his own photos from the On-Going journey's feed.


Customize your Past Journey feed and keep just the photos you want.


Keep track of all your journeys chronologically in one place.

SHPACK Philosophy: 

Traveling is Sharing

Sharing is embedded in Travelers' DNA. There is no place for selfishness while traveling. It expands your experiences and emotions to unknown levels!
You travel, you Share, you SHPACK.

Capture Experiencies

Pictures are at the heart of any experience & capture the essence of the journey. They transport Travellers back to mind-blowing moments. Your adventures come back to life through SHPACKERS' pictures.
Your Pictures, your STORIES.

Pack if Needed

Just pack your stuff and go. No need for big backpacks. Travel light and enjoy the ride. Your memories are your luggage.
Never in the SAME PLACE for long!